LED Jumping Activation Ball For Dogs

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Your dog will surely love the Jumping Activation Ball! It comes in various attractive lights, sounds and will jump automatically. It'll keep your dogs entertained for hours.

Distract your dog from unwanted destructive behavior caused by boredom or anxiousness. It also promotes activity leading to healthier muscles and bones. It helps aid your dog's growth and development. It'll hold the dog's attention and keep them entertained for hours.

Jumping Activation Ball for Dogs

Jumping Activation Ball for Dogs

Jumping Activation Ball for Dogs

Improve Your Dogs HealthThese little jumpy balls can help clean the teeth of your dogs to promote healthy teeth and gums. More running and jumping can help your dogs physical health.2PACK.Safety MaterialsMade of high-quality ABS material, it is safe and reliable, non-toxic and tasteless. It has high bite resistance and will not harm your pet's teeth.Lovely GiftsThe lighting dog balls are good gifts for your pets, giving them an opportunity to play happily and preventing boredom and loneliness when you are not at home; You can also play the colorful sounding ball with your dog to get a closer relationship with your pet.Easy To Install BatteryThe ball can be divided into two halves, there are several buckles in the ball of the waist, open gently with the hand, can be seen inside a plastic box. Open the box lid and you can put the battery in.
Note: Requires 4 AA Batteries.

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