Amazing Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer

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Amazing makeup brush cleaner and dryer help you to deep clean the brushes and as well as dry the brushes to make them ready to use within a few seconds. The makeup brushes are required to be cleaned every few weeks in our busy lives we fail to do so and the process is time-consuming. With the help of this latest makeup brush cleaner, your brushes could get cleaned as required and comes for a long time. It works on a battery-operated technology (it requires 2 AAA batteries).

The product comes with different collars and a magic bowl just pours some water in the bowl and set the brush on the required collars and just turn the machine on within few seconds the machine not only cleans your brush but provides you a clean and dry brush. This amazing makeup brush cleaner and dryer saves you the time and hustle of cleaning brushes.


  • The product deep cleans and dries the brushes 
  • Increases the longevity of the brushes
  • Comes in different sizes collars 
  • Works with a battery-operated technology
  • Saves you from the hustle of cleaning brushes


  • Battery: 2 × AAA battery

Package Includes:

  • Spindle, Spin Device, 8 Collar Sizes, Collar Stand, and a Magic Bowl

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