DIY Cat Tree Sisal Rope

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This sisal rope is very sturdy, it is often used on cat trees for these felines to scratch instead of on the sofa in your living room.
Sisal rope is made from a natural fiber made from the leaves of the agave. The leaves are harvested then cut in order to keep only the fiber which will be combed. Each fiber is consumed for the development of the rope which gives a very powerful rope, all in respect of the environment.
-The rope is 10 meters per roll.

  • CATS LIKE IT: The rope is too rough for human skin, but that exact texture is what cats like about it. It drives them crazy wanting to scratch it and stops them from scratching anything else!
  • BAND IT ON ANY FURNITURE: You can band it on any furniture to prevent scratches.
  • LONG SERVICE LIFE: Made with high-quality material. This rope is durable and not susceptible to damage.
  • ECONOMIC: Replace any old & worn out rope yourself using more of the rope. Save time and money from buying a new one each time.
  • NON-TOXIC: Uses non-toxic material. It's harmless towards pets

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