Blueberry Pickers

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Blueberry picker: It can gather berries without crushing them or removing leaves from plants.
This fruit picker also acts as a barrier against thorny vegetation, shielding your hands from wounds and other injuries. You will be overjoyed to grab your fruits from your garden due to these blueberry pickers.
Simple to operate: A comfortable handle makes it ideal for people of all ages. Its lightweight construction makes it simple to transport and transport to the farm, saving time.
Features: Pick blueberries and other berries with ease, comb the plants with your teeth, and gather them quickly.
The inside baffle mechanism of the smart trap baffle allows your blueberries to enter effortlessly.
It has the ability to store your berries in a box.
Material: Plastic, waterproof and sun-protective, strong and long-lasting.

Size: About 22*14*17cm/8.66*5.51*6.69 inches (L*W*H)

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